6 Fun Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Keeping up with the latest gadgets and techy trends can be a bit hard sometimes especially with a highly competitive market. Sometimes making decisions on making a right buy can be a bit difficult. I mean, are we investing wisely or are we wasting our hard earned money.

Here’s a tip in making sure you make a wise decision:

When buying a gadget, always consider how easier it’ll make your life to be. Today, we are all wrapped up with busy lives, so think about how the purchase can help you save time.

We’ve created a list that’ll help you make a wise decision and spend your money on the right item. Here are six fun gadgets destined to make your life easier.

1. The Colfax Smart Backpack

Our lives rely heavily on technology. Sometimes a simple thing like charging your smartphone can be a hindrance as you just can’t find the time to put it down and plug it in, and if you do, it constantly keeps going off with emails and text messages. We’ve all been there! The Colfax Smart Backpack is more than your ordinary backpack! Considered as the World’s first smart backpack, this item has an integrated computerized power supply to charge any device through its USB plug. Its wireless mobile storage also allows you to access all of your files anywhere at any time without an internet connection. This item ranges from about 549.00 USD.

2. Emberlight

Getting up of the couch or out of bed to switch on a light is thing of the past. Emberlight turns any light into a smartlight, enabling you to brightening up the room from your smartphones or the Amazon Alexa! Emberlight allows you to control the light bulbs in a single room or in your entire house. It also allows you to adjust the brightness of the room making it easy to create the perfect setting either for a family dinner or a romantic first date. Its energy savings feature allows you reduce your energy consumption whilst getting the full brightest of your lights. Emberlight goes for about 40.00 USD.

3. The Coolest

Throw away your old party coolers, for your next party or family outing, you have to be cool and get The Coolest. Ready to be packed with up to 60 quarts of fun, The Coolest will make you want to be outdoors. This smart-cooler comes with a built in ice crushing blender, making it much more convenient and less time consuming to make those margaritas. But that’s not all, the cooler comes with a built in Bluetooth speaker for you to blast your favorite tunes and built-in USB charger. You can throw the best parties with The Coolest, for about 450.00 USD.

4. Solarpod Pyxis

We sometimes forget to charge our smartphones, much more charging our battery backup so we can charge our smartphone whilst on the go. Now with Solarpod Pyxis, this portable USB Battery Pack and Charger allows you to charge your phones through natures charging port – the sun! Just lay it out while you’re out in that business meeting, plug in your phone and within no time you’ll be fully charged.

5. Sense

This smart alarm clock allows you to monitor your sleep patterns, tell you the amount of sleep you need and if you’re getting enough shut eye and recommends how to improve the quality of sleep you’re getting by monitoring the environs in your bedroom. Wake up feeling great with this item which is going for about 149.00 USD.

6. Zenlet

Like unlocking an iPhone, Zenlet introduces the classiest way of opening a wallet. This wallet offers you the safest portable way of storing all of your cards, making shopping and life easier. This item is going at only 50.00 USD – making it a must have for men and women!

So there you have it. The six coolest gadgets sure to make your life easier. Take your pick, if not, choose them all!