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Nintendo Switch Gaming Console Review

For a while there it looked as though Nintendo was on the losing end of the gaming spectrum. At present there appears to be a revival in the making for the gaming giant. The seeming revival is attributed by many industry pundits to be as a result of the Nintendo switch gaming console. Hand held and portable, this singular aspect is considered to be the best thing about the console. It offers the option of using it anywhere without keeping one grounded in one spot. This review aims to answers the question; does the Nintendo switch gaming console revolutionize gaming or just purport to do so with a few knobs and buttons?

How does it work?

The device, which comprises of a tablet, comes in 3 modes: TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode. The tabletop mode requires one to docked the device onto its kickstand on a flat surface and even without the use of the joy-con controllers one can go ahead to enjoy a game. The TV mode on the other hand needs one to have the docking base next to the TV in order to connect to the big screen while the Handheld mode is the portable option that allows one to play a game anywhere.

First Impression

The Good

When compared to its predecessor the Wii U, the latter does perform much better for the obvious reason of one being able to take the game wherever they go. Another likeable quality of the switch is the detachable Joy-Con remote controllers which can be attached onto the tablet for a console feel. The controllers are also pocket friendly which makes them easy to carry around. The process of sliding the tablet onto the dock is uncomplicated with a click to signify a proper fit. This is the same for the process of sliding the Joy Cons onto the sides of the tablet. Each Joy-Con comes fitted with a full set of buttons and the controllers have a motion feature which Nintendo named the HD Rumble. The HD rumble feature is meant to enhance the experience of motion games. Multiple switch consoles ( a maximum of 8) can be connected to form a wireless multi player.The switch has not been region locked and can be used anywhere in the world.

The Bad

The accesories are expensive should one need replacements. For a product that embodies cutting edge technology the switch only gives 3 hours worth of battery life. The 6.2 inch screen is also not ideal for gaming owing to its size. Combined with the resolution of 1280 x720, one is not guaranteed crisp, clear picture quality. The switch has a game card slot that only accepts switch games only. The battery is not removable and the Joy-Con controllers are not identical.


Nvidia tegra custom chip
32GB storage
Bluetooth 4.1 version
Game card slot
4310mAh battery
Accelerometer and gyroscope on the controllers
11ac Wifi
Stereo speakers
Headphone jack
Dimensions of 102 x 239 x 13.9mm
Weight 297g (without the Joy-Con controllers), 398g (with the Joy Con controllers

Launching on the 3rd of March, it is safe to say the Nintendo switch gaming console is widely anticipated. A keen look at the product clearly shows there are much more impressive features that will enhance the gaming experience for many consumers. Fans of Nintendo know that the gaming magnate has always improved on its products and this is not any different.