A Future Technology Everyone Should Look Out For

An identity is a paramount part of our integrity. It is who we are. We are given our names and different personalities so we can call it our own. Our identities are what set us apart from each other. And with today’s technology, registering for e-mails, social networking sites, and banking under our name and identity is made for our convenience.

However, statistics show there are a growing number of identity thefts. These are thieves who impersonate people by collecting personal information and making it their own to access private and personal accounts and finances.

Identity theft is a severe blow for anyone who is a victim. Another person who passes off as you unknowingly uses credit cards and ATM. You may end up paying what is not yours or worse drown in someone else’s debt. Money in debt accounts is gone because of continuous withdrawal. Your money, let alone your identity, is exploited for their advantage.

It may also involve someone in a fraud scheme. Thieves may use the names and personal information in line with illegal transactions. The next thing you know, authorities are pressing charges against you for crimes you did not commit.

These are only one of the many effects of identity theft. The best way to protect yourself from the heinous crime is to prevent it from happening. There are no exact solutions to this problem. It is only best to keep personal information to yourself. Despite the objectives of networking sites to connect with other people publicly, always maintain a bit of self-disclosure. Limit and filter the kind of information you share in public like phone numbers, addresses, and even birthdates.

A lot of the technologies provide easy and accessible bait to the predators of identity theft. No one should willingly dangle their personal life in public for these predators to take. Always remember that you are public and private lives are two separate worlds.

This particular crime has called the attention of the government. Preventive guidelines have been taken to inform everyone about the growing concern and help those who were already victims of the crime.
“Avoid Theft: Deter, Defect, and Defend,” is the Federal Trade Commission’s program slogan. This agency is dedicated to arming each citizen with self-help guidelines to protect themselves against fraud and theft. The guidelines provide a thorough discussion of the different ways a thief may act. The project aims to equip every household and individual with the necessary information they may need in future encounters.
Aside from the government, private sectors have also taken necessary guideline from FTC to empower every citizen with the things they need to know about identity theft.

The world before us has already established a way of life. Time has already dictated the norms of society. In its imperfections, the best cure is always prevention rather than cure itself. Different organizations can only do so much the rest is up to us. With all this information you are well equipped to face the world without any fear of lagging behind.