Lumia – Tech Gadget With Ambitions Of Two Behemoths

If you have used Lumia you will understand the effort involved in the gadget. There are much innovative thinking in it which were either borrowed or were thought out. Some of the features are also leading the services with their user friendliness or innovative application. The camera especially is one of the better deals in this gadget. It is smart, responsive with new features and also is intuitive. They can understand your next move to some extent.

Both Nokia and Blackberry have bet a lot in their two new products. The Z10 and Lumia series have many things riding on them. Natural that they will give us the worlds and will outsmart competition is some of the features. Since Lumia is a series rather than a single model it is tougher to predict their success or failure. But we have got news about the Z10 and its growing demand throughout the world. Now about Lumia.

This is unique in the design and color front. The colors are extraordinary and more than that they gel well with the design of the body. This combination is the first thing that attracts. You can hesitate first to choose such loud colors but once you are out of the inhibitions you can really like them. There are good games but they are not great. The mobile is closing the gaps the company had with the leading smartphone companies. It is still not enough to overtake but they are on a learning curve. Wait for some more time for the device to improve.

So will this help the world recognize Microsoft as a strength in the mobile space? Not really. There are some minute glitches still existing on the software platform of the device. It is more noticeable in the higher segment where you expect a better performance against the money. I think this is a value for money device on the medium range segment but as you go higher up the differences are more noticeable.

The two partners are very much interdependent. The hardware and software are very much tailor made so that one oversteps the briefs given and result in a super performing device. Though the glitches stop the performance somewhat but that is manageable. Lumia is a desperate attempt for Nokia to arrest the continuously slipping ground beneath their feet in mobile business and that is a kind of a gamble for them. They are successful in arresting the slippage.

Does Lumia do the other things expected? Like, improve Microsoft’s standing as a serious software maker for Smartphone? A Competitor to Android? I think they perform to satisfy the requirements but it is not spectacular to draw individual attention to it. The Lumia will never take your breath away. It is really hard today to do so with a Smartphone. It is not that path breaking.

So do both the companies win their respective battles with Lumia? The victory is partial. It is not even a victory, the battle is continuous. This though can be safely said that this device is a financially beneficial model for both the participants. Rest is yet to come with changes and improvements.