Must Have Gadgets in 2016 For Tech Lovers


Another year and we are all looking forward to what 2016 will bring, particularly when it comes to gadgets and gizmos (iphone 6 mini version anyone?). Advancements in technology are ever changing the way people live their lives and enjoy their downtime, from cell phones that could double as personal computers to gadgets to help you find your keys there is a little something for everyone and any budget. Here are a few of the top gadgets you could see in 2016.

Solar Charging

How many times have you been out and about only to find you need a quick charge for your cell phone but there is no outlet in sight? Consider a SAVFY 7 watt solar charger. Leave this handy little gadget to charge in the sun for a spell and you are ready and able to charge your cellular device anywhere at any time.

Wireless Charging

While we are on the topic of cell phone charging one of the best new ideas on the planet today has to be wireless charging. In a nut shell phones that are Qi compatible can be charged by simply placing them on the charging platform. Unfortunately, the number of compatible devices is still small, but that is sure to change quickly over the coming months. Today it is Samsung, tomorrow the world!

Savfy SJ4000 1080P Sport Camera

The all new SJ4000 1080P Sports Camera is a piece of tech beauty. This little beast lets you record all your favorite sports packed with a long lasting 900mAH battery (can go for up to two days!). Additionally it can go down to 30m dives so you can capture some real great footage underwater or enjoy water sports. The SJ4000 has been picking up steam over Amazon and eBay as of late as there has been a conscious shift toward fitness related gadgetry.

Pet Fit

There are a lot of gadgets for monitoring your fitness level, but what about your pet? Yes, now there is a gadget for that as well called the Canhe-fit and you simply place it on your pets collar and monitor it with a handy app which also gives advice on proper nutrition and exercise for your pet based on breed, weight and activity levels.

Think and Learn Code Fisher Price

Are you ever too young to begin learning computer coding? Fisher Price doesn’t think so and have released the Think and Learn Code-A-Pillar for young children. It is designed to teach even three year olds the basic concepts of coding.

(5) Smart Fridge

Very soon the days of opening the refrigerator to see what is in there will be over thanks to the Smart Fridge like a recent Samsung model. Built in the door is a handy 21 inch monitor complete with speakers that will allow you to look up recipes and much more, plus it comes with an interior camera so you can quickly assess your food.

Bladeless Fan

Wireless chargers and now bladeless fans, what will they think of next! This is not an entirely new gadget for 2016, but it is definitely one that will see more interest and creative applications for the new year. Currently the top of the line is the Dyson bladeless, but there are sure to be more variety very soon.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there is a wide variety of gadget coming out or getting a facelift for the new year, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. A few other honorable mentions included:

  • Noke- Bluetooth enabled padlock
  • Samsung 105 inch- first and largest bendable television
  • Sony a7S- smallest full frame camera with interchangeable lens
  • Zuta Pocket Printer- this little gadget is placed on the paper and quickly prints lines of text and other data. (not yet in production, but hopefully in 2016)