What is the best gaming tech / gadgets today for gamers

The gaming business has become one of the most serious and profitable business today, as the gaming industry worth more than $74 billion in 2011, and since then numbers starting doubling in a crazy way. Gaming techs and gadgets developed in no time, in the beginning, they were only some home gadgets like PCs, but now you can play games on smartphones, PlayStation, Nitido and a wide range of new gaming gadgets.

Many manufacturers across the world compete every day for developing new gaming devices, techs and gadgets beyond just the normal joysticks, mouse and keyboards. Some of them focus on the durability and the others on the functionality, but in the end they are all developed for one purpose which is providing gamers with the best gaming experience. Here are some of the best game gadgets and techs you will find today in the market.

The Razer Hydra

The Razer Hydra is the first motion-sensing gaming gadget in the world, as it is coupled with a very good and strong connectivity for the best gaming experience. It depends on the technology of the magnetic motion sensing, that uses ultra-low latency. This tech allows the device to make a fast response that makes every part of each second counts.

razer hydra

The Logitech Flight System

Manufacturers created this gadget to be a perfect flight system for a comfortable gaming experience. It is considered better than the normal joysticks, as they make you feel the turbulence, the wind shear and even the G-force. This means a real flying experience, and the feeling of a reality plane flying. It consists or programmable and illuminated buttons, that helps in adding more effects making you have the feeling of sitting in a real cockpit.

logitech flight-system

The Cyborg M.M.0.7

Cyborg M.M.0.7 is a hardcore gaming mouse that was developed last year. It has a very futuristic interesting shape that makes any one tempted to buy it. One of its best features is the wide array of programmability, which allows mode shifts, many gaming commands and a 5D button that grants a quick allowance of commands by using the thumb. In addition, in contains a backlights for each of the buttons so you can at any time play games in a total darkness, without having any worries about not being able to see the buttons clearly.

cyborg mmo7

The Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT F430 Cockpit

This gaming console is inspired from the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT F430 Cockpit is a driving simulator with two fixed pedals. It provides the best gaming performance and stability in high-speed gaming experience, and a precise wheel steering that grants the perfect control on the car during any simulated race. Its steering wheel is detachable, so you can easily move and store it any time if you like to travel a lot, or maybe playing at a friend’s house. This gadget is very programmable for the best control, and has an internal memory for saving commands.

ferrari gt f430